My Second Husband - Hindi Dubbed - Kdrama


My Second Husband - Hindi Dubbed - Kdrama

My Second Husband - Hindi Dubbed - Kdrama

My Second Husband In Hindi Urdu Dubbed

  • Country of origin South Korea
  • Original language Korean
  • No. of episodes 150
  • Original network MBC TV
  • Original release August 9, 2021 –
  • April 5, 2022

Second Husband is a passionate romance story. It revolves around Bong Seon-hwa (Uhm Hyun-kyung) and her family surrounding a confectionery company. She underwent an unfortunate childhood, but due to her strong and positive personality, she rises up. Growing up in the same neighborhood she had a long relationship with Moon Sang-hyeok (Han Ki-woong). But, when she unjustly loses her family due to a tragedy born out of an unstoppable desire, she pledges revenge in the mixed fate and love. Bong Seon-Hwa transforms into 'Sharon' in order to restore what was hers.

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Main Cast
Cha Seo-won as Yoon Jae-min
The only son of Yoon Dae-gook and Joo Hae-ran (Dae-gook is the chairman of a confectionery company). He has an MBA from the United States, but wanted to become a singer, and quarreled with his parents over his career choices.[5] It was revealed he was actually Bae Seo-hyun, the youngest son of Seon-hwa’s adoptive mother Bok Bok-soon, who was kidnapped at birth and eventually ended up unknowningly adopted by Hae-ran.

Uhm Hyun-kyung as Bong Seon-hwa

Lee Hyo-bi as young Bong Seon-hwa
A diligent and positive girl, but due to forcing circumstances, pledges revenge. She has a child after a long relationship with Moon Sang-hyeok, but loses the child due to his betrayal and is wrongfully spent four years in jail for murder.

Oh Seung-ah as Yoon Jae-kyeong
Jae-min's greedy and evil half-sister, the illegitimate child of the chairman of a confectionery company and someone who does not hesitate to do anything to fulfill her ambitions. She is the main antagonist who killed Seon-hwa’s grandmother and others who will murder anyone who stood in her way. She was in the end sentenced to thirty years’ imprisonment for the murders and other crimes she committed.

Han Ki-woong as Moon Sang-hyeok,
Seon-hwa's ex-lover, a heartless man who abandons his lover and child for power and money. He later gotten his comeuppance by spending seven years in prison.

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